GIFTS for our BKTX bffs

Brooklyn TexasComment

We love buying gifts — sometimes, it's hard to beat the satisfaction you feel from getting the perfect gift for someone. However, this year it was particularly difficult to find just the right thing for our friends and families. While on our gift hunt this year, we decided to also try to find the perfect gifts for five of our favorite humans that are so often associated with New York but are actually REAL LIVE TEXANS! Here's what we'd gift these fabulous BKTXers if we were friends in real life, and not just our imaginations.* 

*Yes, we are choosing to ignore that Bey peaced out for LA and Tom lives in Italy. 

Emily's gift picks are on the left and Olivia's are on the right:

Wes Anderson

For my friend Wes, I'd get the Monocle Guide To Cosy Homes, because nothing is more him than either monocles the eyewear, Monocle the company, spelling cozy with an s, or homes. I'd also throw in some campfire scented incense for enhanced coziness and a center marking tool, because, well, you know.

In nearly all of Wes’ films, dogs have taken quite a beating. It makes us wonder if Wes hates man’s lovable best friend. We will have to see what he pulls out in his new stop motion film that is rumored to be about dogs! For Christmas I would give my favorite Texan this portrait of a dog to hang in his study for inspiration. 

STEVE Martin

Did you know Steve Martin plays bluegrass? Once I heard him accompanying a play, and it was so cool. I'd get Steve a really fancy antique banjo like this or this or this.


Finding something for Steve was the hardest for me, but then I discovered that he is really into hats! Which is great because I am really into hats too. Emily just taught me how to knit, so I think that I would have to get crafty and knit him up a hat. 

I'd give Robert H is for Hawk, one of the next books on my list to read. I don't think RR trained any hawks, but it reminds me of this iconic combine.

My gift to Robert is a little bit of a joke. He is famous for his “combines”, so for Christmas I would get him a book about a very different type of combine — the kind that harvest grains. I hope that it would make him smile. 



Tom is unexpectedly the most difficult person on my list! This is because every time I think of Tom Ford, I think about his lipstick called Drake that I sadly missed out on (like the rest of the world). Tom Ford really likes to use gold in his designs, perhaps he would like to be gold everywhere? I think I would wish him Merry Kreaytmas with an LP of Kreayshawn's classic 'Gucci Gucci' to remind him of the amazing work he did there as creative director. Because nothing reminds one of greatness like Kreayshawn (Kreaytness?)


Tom graduated with a degree in Architecture from The New School.  For Christmas I would give him a lego set of Villa Savoye to remind him of his college days. 

Beyonce Knowles

For my favorite part time vegan, I'd get Beyonce Vegan Under Pressure, which was illustrated by my favorite part time illustrator (Olivia!). For the times when she decides to eat meat, I'd import a bunch of Whataburger from her hometown, partially in hopes of reliving this moment and partially because no matter wha you might think Whataburger is better than In-N-Out.

I would give Beyonce a slew of vintage records by other super cool Texans (and Houstonians). The list would include: 

1. Hit the Highway by Johnny Guitar Watson (1983)
2. Texas Sharecropper And Songster by Mance Lipscomb (1960)
3. Walkin' This Road By Myself by Lightnin' Hopkins (1961)
4. Free Jazz By the Ornate Coleman Double Quartet (1961)