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If you've been a longtime BKTX reader, you know we have the hots for a good barbecue pizza ... or really any pizza from Roberta's, the Brooklyn pizza mecca that we'd wait a small lifetime for, any day. So you can imagine that our eyes were dazzling with a thousand hearts and sparkles when we heard the news that Roberta's was opening a popup shop in Austin! And not only that, Pizza Czar Anthony Falco is (like Emily!) an Austin native, AND he answered a few questions for us. Read on to learn that dreams really do come true, kids. Be sure to take a moment to watch the utterly wondeful video Falco put together and save yourself a trip to NYC this year just go to Roberta's X ATX at Bufalina Austin now through Thursday. Don't be a slacker.

BKTX: Roberta's has created pizzas all over the world. Why Texas and why now?

Anthony Falco: For one the weather is great. Compared to nyc at least. Also i was born and raised in austin so it's a homecoming for Pete Litschi (our director of mobile operations) and me. 

Your special Texas pie looks so good even thinking about it is making us drool. Any chance we'll see the Franklinstein in Brooklyn?

I think for now our bbq pizza will be exclusive to Texas. 

What brought you from Texas to Brooklyn?

I always loved ny and pizza has has always been obsession of mine. I was lucky enough to start at Roberta's from the beginning so now pizza is my life.

Are you proud to be from Texas, or not so much?

My middle name is literally Tejas. And it's easy to be proud of being from Texas when you are from Austin, easily the best place in Texas.

Does your Texan-ness ever get expressed (secretly) in the pizza you make at Roberta's?

Maybe our pizzas are a little spicier than they would normally be in the Northeast

Favorite restaurant (Tex Mex, pizza, or otherwise) in Austin? In Brooklyn?

We've been starting our days w breakfast tacos from Veracruz taco truck down the street or ciscos and old east austin staple. I love Ramen so excited to visit ramen tatsu ya again. We were lucky enough to have lunch at Franklin BBQ obviously the best bbq in Texas. And the sicilian slices from homeslice are as good as any in nyc.

Shiner or Brooklyn Lager?

Shiner! No contest.

Roberta's Pizza is taking over Bufalina in Austin Texas. Jan 25th-28th. 11:30am - 11:30pm 1519 Cesar Chavez, East Austin. Thanks so much, Anthony! You are our guru in pizza and in all things.