A magazine by two Texan Brooklynites. YEEHAW! 

BKTX is a website dedicated to the best parts of BROOKLYN and TEXAS, as well as the adventures of two friends who split their time between both. A friendship formed over too many Pierre Hermé macarons on the steps of St. Sulpice during a semester abroad in Paris, and after countless champagne-fueled late nights, Olivia and Emily decided to launch a website to record their experiences and explorations in their favorite cities.

A Little Q&A

Best thing about NEW YORK?

EMILY (left): The very best thing about New York is the people watching -- you see the most amazing/crazy stuff just walking down the street. No one has style like New Yorkers do; whether it's how you stealthily grab your metrocard on your way down to the station or how you physically haul your stuff around all day, everyone seems to find their own particular way of adapting to the things the city requires you to do. It's just fantastic to see.

OLIVIA (right): I moved to New York in 2009. The very best and worst thing about this city is its sleeplessness. People here have a sense of motivation that is unparalleled to anywhere I have ever been. Everyone here is immersed in his or her work and this is inspiring.

Best thing about TEXAS?

E: Hanging out. Even if the mosquitos are out, if the humidity is 100%, or if there's a hurricane hurdling towards you: someone is always ready to hand you a cold beer, pull up a deck chair, and hang out outside. Also, queso and breakfast tacos are some of the world's best foods, and somehow are still rare to find. It's my dream to find REAL breakfast tacos in New York.

O: The people and the food. I love standing in line at the supermarket and having the woman behind me tell me all about her grandson. Everyone is so damn friendly.

Where do you want to go NEXT?

E: Lately, I've been day dreaming about sailing through the Aegean, island hopping, binging on Greek yogurt and fresh fish, and doing a thousand cannonballs into the turquoise sea!

O: On the road. I would love to do the all American road trip and drive from New York to Texas to California and back—taking back roads, staying in cheap motels, and getting lost.

What's your secret SUPERPOWER?

E: Ordering the best thing on the menu

O: Whipping up a multi-course themed brunch in a matter of mere hours

Where is your HAPPY PLACE?

E: Here

O: Here

Beer, Wine, or LIQUOR?

E: Champagne

O: Champagne

What's your spirit ANIMAL?

E: Red Panda

O: Walrus