Wrapper's Delight

Brooklyn TexasComment

One of life's universal truths is that, in a season brimming with cheer and festivities, the first holiday party of the season is always the best. Since we were very very good girls this year, we've been showered with a delightful schedule of holiday parties, and we went to our first one last week. It would have been easy to walk right past the Wooly, a speakeasy style bar inside a cute coffee shop in the financial district, but luckily we figured it out and made it to the AIGA holiday party. Fueled by tiny sliders, giant deep fried Oreos, and maybe a cocktail or two, we saw some old friends (even some from Texas!) and took lots of crazy photobooth pictures. 

Since AIGA is a a professional group for graphic designers, we got to take home some wrapping paper designed by local artists. Olivia designed one of the sheets for MGMT. design! It was based on this crazy factoid.

You can buy some for yourself here!

Also, just in case you needed this, here you go: