PSA: Shipley Donuts Secret Menu

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We lived in Houston for over two decades and, while we’ve always been fans of Houston staple Shipley Do-Nuts, we JUST learned about their secret menu. Did you know? Apparently it’s so secret that when we called a few Shipley locations, they had no idea what we were talking about. But they exist! Olivia discovered it at 4:30am last Sunday, after a long night playing poker with her friends. They were deep into a game of Texas hold’em and no one was winning or losing, when suddenly her friend Peter said, “Oh! If we stay up we can get the secret kolaches from the Shipleys nearby!” (if you don’t know what kolaches are, start here. If you do, you know how exciting this news is).

Apparently, the Heights Shipley location (and a few others) has secret boudin kolaches which are NOT on the menu and which are only available on Saturdays and Sundays from 5am until they sell out, which can be before 9am. Olivia’s mind was completely blown. Since you either have to stay up all night or wake up really early to get them, Olivia obviously stayed up all night and at 5am, they ventured out to see if this was really true. Between three friends, they got 8 boudin kolaches; 2 sausage and cheese kolaches; a bag of chocolate donut holes; and a coconut donut. The kolaches, a crazy mix of Czech, Texan, and Creole cuisine, were warm and fluffy like only bread fresh out of the oven can be, and it was a little sweet, which perfectly balanced out the spiciness from the pork (?) and rice. The center was hot and dense which contrasted nicely with the sinfully buttery dough surrounding it. It sounds extremely amazing to the 50% of BKTX that didn’t get to try it...if only we had these in Brooklyn (cough cough Olivia bring some back!)

Shipley Do-Nuts
3932 N. Main St
Houston, Texas 77009
open 24 hours