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There are plenty of places to get bagels in Texas, but there's a Texan breakfast delight that's very rare in New York: the Kolache. It's pronounced Koh-LAH-chee. Originally made in Czech communities in central Texas, these pastries ultimately became breakfast staples all over the state (you can find them anywhere from truck stops to donut shops), though they are uncommon outside of Texas. We prefer the signature sweet dough wrapped around savory breakfast foods, like sausage, cheese, and jalapeno, but you can find them with fruit or cheese too. Though they're rare, they aren't impossible to find in New York thanks to Brooklyn Kolache, a cute Bed Stuy bakery claiming to be the king of kolaches. We wanted to see if kolaches could stand up as a breakfast food in a city saturated with specialty bagels, cronuts, and pretzel croissants, so we rounded up 8 friends, 7 of whom live in Brooklyn and 4 of whom have lived in Texas, to see what they thought of this traditional Texan treat.

Have you ever had a kolache before? If yes, tell us about your previous kolache experience. 

If no, what are your kolache expectations?


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