Dream Dates Part Trois

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When it's your last night in Paris, and all your friends have left town, and your phone is out of data, and you've finished the book you were reading, and you've only got a handful of euros left, it's definitely a good idea to camp out in an Oberkampf bar with a glass of kir and a notebook to revisit one of our favorite BKTX posts: Dream Dates Parts 1 and 2. Here's a continuation of how we daydream about spending time hanging out with people we have crushes on.

• A really giant glass of whiskey with Carrie Fisher

• White Russians with Steve Buscemi

• Tiki Bar in venice beach with Aziz Ansari

• Sushi in the East Village with Mark Ruffalo

• Snorkeling With David Attenborough

• Brooklyn dive with Ewan MacGregor

• Ballet with Romain Duris

• Horse drawn carriage with Jack white

• A really raw steak with Jean du Jardin (I was drunk in Paris when I wrote this)

• Trampoline with Mandy Patinkin

• Eating giant bowls of whipped cream with Anne Hathaway

• A long walk in a beautiful garden with Eddie Redmayne

• Miller High Life at a country bar in Nashville with Jared Leto