Dates Part Deux

Brooklyn TexasComment

After we ran our Dream Dates blog post a few weeks ago, we were immediately asked about some grievous oversights we’d made in our selection. No Paul Rudd? No hot tubs? Mea culpa. We are compelled to make some additions to our list of dream dates with some even dreamier fantasy romantic matches. *Thanks to Rockyanne Bullwinkel for her visionary contributions.

• Kayaking with Kyle McLachlan

• Soup with Hugh Grant

• Chips and queso at Javelina with Mr. Darcy

• Lattes with Benicio Del Toro 

•Rock climbing with Adrien Brody

• Horseback riding with Kate Bush

• Tanning with Jon Snow

• Mario Kart with Paul Rudd

• Binging Youtube videos with Mark Ruffalo

• Rodeo with Jon Hamm

• Pedicures with James Franco

• Loft Opera with Kim Kardashian and Cindy Sherman

• Horror film drive-in with Matt Damon

• French fries with Dorian Grey

• Hot tub with Danny Devito*

• Dairy Queen with Shelley Duvall*

• Dog park with Jimmy Stewart*