What's on BKTX's phone, Part II: Olivia

Brooklyn TexasComment

We both use our phones constantly but totally differently - last week, we saw that Emily sorts her apps by color and has zero unread emails. Now, take a look at what app Olivia can't live without (sports!) and how she gets the perfect Instagram filter.


What kind of phone do you have: iPhone 6

Background: This picture of my puppy dog Annie

Number of unread emails: 1,579 unread emails— eeeeekkkkkk!

First app checked in the morning: Facebook and Messages

Last app checked before bedtime: Instagram

Most used app: Messages 

App most likely to be viewed while in a checkout line: Instagram for sure...

Most essential app while traveling: Does phone count as an app? 

Cities listed in weather app: New York, Neversink, Houston, New Haven, Aix-en-Provence, Paris, Marfa, Philadelphia, and New Orleans

Favorite shopping app: Ebay

Most surprising app that you can't live without: The ESPN Fantasy app — I recently joined a fantasy league... and well I'm gonna kick some serious butt!!!! #slay #bitchesgoingdown #queen

Most recently downloaded app: NJ Transit — I recently had to trek to Newark Liberty Airport and forgot to buy a train ticket — oops. 

Most recent Uber ride: From dinner in Long Island City (at this super tasty Mexican restaurant called Casa Enrique) to my apartment in Park Slope after probably one too many margaritas. 

Favorite photo filter: Oh this is a tough one. I never use Intsagram's filters. Instead I use the filters from this app called VSCO. I don't have a favorite one (the filter I use really depends on the light in the photograph), but I think that they have the best filter options by far! I am really like the photo editing settings in Afterlight  — so I am constantly switching my photo back and forth between the two apps before a photo hits my Instagram feed

Favorite podcast: I don't have podcasts on my phone, but I listen to NPR's Morning Edition every morning. 

Favorite Instagram feed: One time Emily and I accidentally ended up at a Lil' Yatchy show at MoMA (?!?). Everyone there was 16 years old and the whole lobby was filled weed smoke and people were doing cocaine in the bathroom — no one seemed to care and we were so confused. This was a new side of MoMA that we had never seen before. At the time we had no idea who Lil' Yatchy was and we still don't really understand why he is such a big deal. Consumed by my inability to understand his success or music (it is really bad...), I became obsessed and I'm always amused by his lil' boats and the things he posts: @lilyachty.  

Your most liked Instagram photo: This picture of an alligator my momma and her friends found after an epic flood in Houston...