What’s on BKTX’s phone, Part I: Emily

Brooklyn TexasComment

Our phones might as well be attached to our brains at this point. Inspired by the Wall Street Journal Magazine's illustration of BJ Novak's phone, we decided to take a close look at our own home screens, the place we stare for hours a day and stopped really seeing a long time ago.

What kind of phone do you have: iPhone 6S

Background: Purple fading to pink

Number of unread emails: ZERO!!!! I am the queen of email.

First app checked in the morning: Instagram

Last app checked before bedtime: Messages

Most used app: Does Messages count?

App most likely to be viewed while in a checkout line: Probably Instagram, specifically Instagram stories. It’s like a weird TV show of everyone I know or stalk.

Most essential app while traveling: Google maps. Offline maps is life changing.

Cities listed in weather app: New York, Houston, Paris, Rome, Taormina, Cagliari, Washington DC, Neversink, Aruba, Portland. Apparently I have a habit of adding the weather of any city I’m planning to visit and forgetting about it.

Favorite shopping app: Grubhub

Weirdest app: It's called "the space between us" and you sync it with another person and the only thing it does is tell you how many miles (or kilometers) you are from that person, along with an arrow that points in their direction.

Most recently downloaded app: Citi Bike!

Most recent Uber ride: From a dinner party in Red Hook to my apartment. It cost $11.13 and it was a minivan, which made me feel like a teenager in the best way.

Favorite photo filter: No filter (or texting it to Olivia to filter).

Favorite podcast: This Week Had Me Like

Favorite Instagram feed: @amysedaris and @lazymomnyc

Your most liked Instagram photo: A BKTX illustration Olivia made of us singing the wrong words to Kanye West songs at the beach