BKTX Summer Bucketlist 2017

Brooklyn TexasComment

Inspired by this.

  • Go to concert at Prospect Park 
  • Eat a hotdog at a baseball game ✓
  • Go to Shakespeare in the Park
  • Eat smores at Olmsted
  • Go to the beach (in Rhode Island)
  • Binge watch Jane the Virgin
  • Get too drunk
  • Get eyelash extensions
  • Go to the Catskills ✓
  • Get a little tan ✓
  • Get a boyfriend
  • Get an apartment
  • Get a new job ✓
  • Hug all friends
  • Get drunk in the park
  • Get drunk at the beach
  • Go for a run (1 time) 
  • Make korean ribs and eat them
  • Eat pasta and pink things at Pietro Nolita
  • Hook up with someone in the park
  • Fix leaky ceiling
  • Watch the Beguiled
  • Drink 45 Aperol Spritzes
  • Figure out what a head darty is
  • Convince a male friend to wear a romphim
  • Remember to wear sunglasses
  • Ride a roller coaster at Coney Island
  • Take pix in a photobooth
  • Be shameless
  • Hook up with Jacob (first time)
  • Drink beer at Circa
  • Spend a day in a bikini for no reason
  • Use a snail mucus face mask ✓
  • Figure out what shape boobs I have because I clearly do not know
  • Pet a dog ✓✓
  • Jump into a lake (or river) ✓
  • Host a poker tournament
  • Go to Spain ✓
  • Giant water balloon fight
  • Sleep until 2pm ✓
  • Eat the chicken and frites at Made Nice
  • Eat pho at Hanoi House
  • Eat ice cream from Salt and Straw
  • Go to the US Open

✓ — Emily or Olivia has done this
✓✓ — Both Emily and Olivia have done this