Twin Peakz

Brooklyn TexasComment

After more than a year of spamming each other and all of our friends with Twin Peaks news — David Lynch is directing! David Lynch quit! He’s back on the project! Laura Dern! — we knew that we had to do a BKTX post about our all time favorite show. We’ve read all of the “How to Prepare for the new Twin Peaks” blogs, we’ve read all the cherry pie recipes, and though we wanted to do something to honor our excitement for the new season we knew...no coffee, no cherry pie, no ugly sweaters. So, we decided to watch the first new episode and make something inspired by that.


To resist any spoilers, let’s just say this season holds up to the OG weirdness and suspense we all came to know and love in 1990 2006. The show is freaky. There are donuts, but definitely no pie. All our favorite actors came back. We have no idea what’s going on, we just want to watch more of it. So… we decided to film our reactions to the first two episodes. It’s like we became twin peaks.

Some highlights:

E1 8:39, Olivia: WHA why does New York look like that?!

E1 17:14, Emily: Single best exchange in the history of television.

E1 20:24, Emily: UGH this is so scary.

E1 21:27, Olivia: OMG his eyes are SO BLACK.

E1 21:49, Emily: Are those...pickled potatoes?

E1 28:11, Olivia: I wonder where Z coffee is from.

E1 31:55, Olivia: Um, who does this?

E1, 42:55, both: AHHHHH

E1, 44:00, both: Awwwww =(

E2, 05:55, Olivia: What!????

E2, 36:59, Emily: I'm gonna squish your face like that

E2, 37:15, Emily: WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN!? 

E2, 1:04, Olivia: *dances*

We love it! It’s scary. Can someone tell us what’s going on!?