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While we were working on last week’s special Texas Independence Day post, I (Emily) took a quick break to check the news, the number one contributor to my split ends, bitten down nails, and stress cheese-eating habit. The breaking news was that Jeff Sessions had actually met with the Russian ambassador a few times during the campaign even though he weirdly said that he had not done so in his cabinet hearing under oath, even though that question was not asked of him. My quick news break turned into a barrage of outgoing psycho text messages that I’m not proud of, in which I imagined the thoughts of every person who has a weirdly cozy relationship with Russia and is currently in government (sorry, Jay) (this wraps it up the best).

I yelled to Olivia from my bedroom, “ARGH! Who on Trump’s team DOESN’T have a connection to Russia? It’s in the news every day and it’s so confusing it’s taking over my brain. I need someone to draw a picture of this for me.” She yelled back, “I can do that.” Olivia specializes in turning complicated things into easy-to-understand visuals, so I did my best to explain everything that has been reported so far, and Olivia worked really hard to communicate it in a way that doesn’t discombobulate me. It also gives some context that other graphics of the situation don’t really have.

K, now back to your stress cheese.