The Essentials

Brooklyn TexasComment

Some things you like; other things are your essentials. These are the things we have on us every single day.

1. No one should ever try to communicate with us before we've had our morning iced coffee. We frequent Cafe Grumpy, Ladybird Bakery, and Brooklyn Roasting Company

2. You probably won't see Olivia without her Swedish Hasbeens. She wears them every day — even to bicycle in and to the beach! — and rocked her last pair until the day they snapped in half.

3. Olivia has one or two notebooks on her at all times. For the past few years, she has been addicted to these notebooks by Public Supply. They are the perfect size and a portion of the profits go to help fund creative projects in classrooms all over the country. 

4. Both of us normally keep a cardigan or some kind of sweater with us — Texans in Brooklyn are susceptible to chills! After buying this sweater on Ebay, Emily had to ask a friend to stop her from wearing it every night out (really, who wears a cardigan on any night out?)

5. Some people change up their makeup everyday, but when Olivia finds a beautify product she loves, she's fiercely loyal. She's used some version of Dior's Diorshow Mascara for 14 years — since she was in middle school!

6. Emily wears the same three necklaces every day and never takes them off. They’re all simple, gold, and gorgeous, and they all have a story behind them. One of them says BKTX on it, of course.

7. If Emily lives by one rule, it's never to leave the house without a book (or three). She normally has a book, a Kindle, and a stack of a few recent copies of the New Yorker Magazine on her at any given time.

8. According to Emily, RMS Living Luminizer is the best beauty product on the planet. Put a little on your face and instantly look more awake; layer on a little more and your skin takes on the glowing quality of a baby angel. For something that is not glittery or oily and is basically colorless, the wonder of LL is unexplainable, but Emily uses it every single day.

9. After staying with us on a visit to Brooklyn, Emily's mom sent us a care package with a few bottles of Aesop's Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash. Hand washing immediately became exciting and we were both obsessed — we are never going back to normal hand soap again. 

10. Neither of us leave the house without a couple of hair ties around our wrists.