Heart of Glasses

Brooklyn TexasComment

I should have been very sad when I woke up on Valentine’s Day, rolled over in bed, and heard a loud snapping sound. I winced, because I knew exactly what was hidden under my quilt: my glasses. I’d held onto them since three Februaries before, and suddenly I could hold my single, faithful pair of glasses in each of my very separate hands. They looked kind of cool actually, in an avant-garde way. And I was sad, for a moment — I’d seen a lot through those glasses! They looked great on EVERYONE! — but then I remembered a pair of barely pink, barely cat-eyed Warby Parker frames that I had clicked on out of curiosity, and I was immediately excited to find my next pair. Conveniently, Olivia’s eyeglasses broke a few days after that, which we took as a sign to order a bunch of Home Try-On pairs from Warby and have a face-accessory fashion show. Finding new glasses can be a real drag, so we made sure to meticulously document our struggles (and ultimate successes!) to laugh about later.