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Look, we know what you're thinking: Valentine's Day is a stupid commercial Hallmark fake-holiday that only Americans enjoy: this is true. We don't care, we still love it: candy, flowers, and hanging out with people we love (and pretty much everything colored pink) happen to be some of our favorite things. Haters gonna hate, but we're not: whether you're celebrating romantically, kicking it with your platonic buds, or hanging out all by yourself, we've got some killer ideas to SLAY V-Day 2016.


Forgo a stuffy prix fixe dinner for some bouldering and chill at Brooklyn Boulders. After you're nice and sweaty, clean up and head over to an EatWith: a local chef will choose a cuisine and cook a fantastic meal for you (and others, if making friends is your vibe). We strongly believe that the best meals we've had all over the world have been in people's homes, and no matter what you're going to have a great story. So, meet some friends, see inside someone else's apartment, try a new cuisine -- it's all in the hosts hands, so you can just hang out, chat, and eat. After that, it's time for some staycation: leave your sad, icy apartment behind and book a One Night Stand at the Standard Highline or play house in someone else's apartment via Airbnb. Emily's pick would be aboard the charming SS JAMES FRANCO out in Queens; these luxury picks are more Olivia's style.


Obviously, you should take this day to treat yo' self if you're going it alone. We recommend starting at Paintbox for the coolest, most unusual manicure you've had in New York. Then strip down at Aire, the fanciest of all the ancient baths downtown. You'll completely forget that you are currently in a giant, bustling city, you'll look great in the soft candle lighting, and you'll feel great after thoroughly steaming yourself into oblivion. Pick up some wine on the way home, and you know that thing you've been wanting for a while? Buy it.


If you're hanging with your single buddies this Sunday, leave your comfort zone far, far behind. Take your girls to a dance class or Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp, taught by instructors with names like Lady Chardonnay and Pink Champagne. We definitely recommend pregaming this with some shots, but we guarantee quality giggling. Or, take a cue from our friend Meredith, who is rallying her pals to for margs and bull riding at Viva Toro. We promise you that nothing will make you forget that you are single than hanging on to a machine that is violently trying to buck you off. Giddy up!