Good Gilmorning

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One of BKTX’s favorite guilty pleasures is binge watching Gilmore Girls. We each have separate, very long (SO MANY EPISODES), and very emotional relationships with this overzealous early 2000s show. When Olivia started watching the show for the first time a few years ago, she spiraled into an 8 month obsession, and it's now her favorite show to watch whenever she has a bad day. Re-watching episodes is one of Emily’s favorite activities to share with her little brother. Yes, it’s stilted and girly and what is up with Michel’s accent, but it’s hands down the coziest, most comforting TV show that also happens to be extremely intelligent. It’s like being absorbed into an alternate universe where you actually think of every perfect comeback right when you need them most, and have the guts to say them, nonstop, every single time.

Even though the marketing efforts for Netflix’s upcoming revival of the show have been a little overwrought (“Luke’s Diner” pop ups all over the country?), it would be a lie to say we shed ZERO tears over the new trailer earlier this week. When we found out that Ample Hills, one of our favorite Brooklyn ice cream parlors with cult favorite flavors like the Munchies and plenty of current-event inspired flavors, was doing a contest to come up with a new Gilmore Girls themed ice cream flavor, BKTX obviously had some ideas to throw into the ring. Whether you are team Logan (like Olivia) or team Jess (Emily is team Kirk), we hope you enjoy these (imaginary) ice cream flavors as much as we think Rory and Lorelai would.

Al’s Pancake World

Sesame ice cream with fortune cookies, french fries, fried wontons, and maple syrup

Pregame for Dinner at Emily’s

Lemon Sorbet with vodka gummy bears

Harvard vs. Yale

Red velvet ice cream with strawberry cream cheese, blueberry jam, and blue sprinkles

Jackson’s Special Delivery

Beet and carrot ice cream with thyme, honey, and a mascarpone swirl

Norman Mailer, I’m Pregnant

Nothing but ice tea.

Good Gilmorning

Coffee ice cream with donuts, Pop Tarts, chocolate chip pancakes, Fruity Pebbles, Rice Krispies, and espresso beans

First Snow

Mint shaved ice covered in sweetened condensed milk, fresh mint leaves, and candy cane pop rocks (its a thing!)

A Film By Kirk

Cookie dough ice cream with potato chips, popcorn, chocolate stars, redvines, and mallowmars