Greenpoint, we will always love you...

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Well folks, BKTX headquarters has relocated across Brooklyn. We might be off exploring new BK locations and their special links to Texas (which was always our plan), but Greenpoint is the neighborhood that inspired BKTX and it will always feel like our home. Here are a few of our favorite spots in Greenpoint, places that we’ll be sure to return to and places that are frequented by many Texan Brooklynites!

1. Word
A tiny bookstore with a great staff. Let them know what you like and they’ll recommend something great.

2. Littleneck Outpost
Feel transported to New England with one of their lobster rolls and huge bay windows.

3. Homecoming
Stop in for a fancy coffee or flowers for a special occasion. We love everything here but the price. 

4. Budin
Being on a nordic kick, we love this Northern European coffee spot (they also have nordic beer!). If you are feeling bold, giver their $7 Black Gold (a licorice latte) a try! 

5. Brouerwij Lane
The best selection of beer around! Pick up a six-pack to take home, or sit down and have a drink with friends. 

6. In God We Trust 
In God We Trust is pricy but very cool. They make all their clothes by hand in the back of their store. *Bonus Points* for having Texas employees!

7. Paulie Gee’s
Go early on the weekend or late on a weeknight to avoid their crazy lines! Paulie Gee's is our favorite pizza in town (even over the coveted Roberta's!). If you are lucky, Paulie Gee himself might stop by your table with shots of their homemade limoncello! *Bonus Points* for having Texas employees! 

8. Ovenly
Get the pistachio cardamom bread. Just do it. They have a morning stand on the India St. Pier too, if you want a snack while you wait for the East River Ferry.

9. River Styx
BRUNCH (make sure to try one of their cinnamon buns—oh so good)!

10. Transmitter Park
The most special park in New York City. Nowhere else competes with that view. There’s also yoga on the pier in summertime.

11. Kennaland
Somehow Amy manages to give the best haircuts for both the frizziest hair and the stick straight.

12. Ramona
Ramona's is always there to pick us up when we are down. This is the place to go for a seriously good cocktail.

13. Duke’s Liquor Box
The owner, Patrick is originally from Texas and wraps their bottles in butcher paper from a farm in the Hill Country. Note the Texan flag out front! *BKTX*

14. Wolves Within
We can not walk past this store without going in — it is dangerous. We always buy something. 

15. Dandelion Wine
Dandelion is probably our most frequented establishment in Greenpoint. It is a true neighborhood staple. They have wine tastings with cheese from Eastern District. If you don't know about them already, you should check them out. 

16. Moonlight Mile 
Oh how we love Gary, the groovy owner of this rock and roll bar. He is always down to talk about music or watch a an old school live video of Jim Morrison on their projector. With an awesome selection of American whiskey (including whiskeys straight from Texas) and always filled with lovely people, Moonlight Mile is one of our go-to neighborhood spots! *BKTX*

17. J&C Shoe Repair
SERIOUSLY THE BEST SHOE MAN. We will pilgrimage to him.

18. Propeller
Owned and operated by some lovely ladies, Propeller is our go to spot for people watching through their big front windows and for iced coffee on the go.

19. Franklin Corner Cafe (internet cafe)
Open 24 hours! The BEST bodega sandwiches around — we recommend the BLAT.

20. East River Ferry
While in Greenpoint, we always opted to take the East River Ferry whenever possible! It is the best way to travel in New York City (and the only way to arrive at your destination feeling remotely clean)!

21. Achilles Heel
This is one of our favorite spots. Part of the restaurant empire that includes Marlow & Sons, Diner, Roman's and many others, Achilles Heel is our favorite place to drink a Pastis and day dream about adventures to come. 

22. Alameda 
Our favorite place for a light dinner and a fancy cocktail. Their food is farm to table and cocktails change seasonally. A little pricy, but well worth it. This is our favorite Greenpoint bar. If you're not feeling fancy, get the cheeseburger, it's amazing.

23. Troost
Troost has a great garden and prosecco on tap! 

24. Eng Farm Market
This bodega is open 24 hours! They always have a wide and fresh selection of flowers. A great resource if you have are doing some late night cooking and forgot to get that one integral ingredient! 

25. Bakeri
Covered in floral wall paper, with bakers decked out in blue overalls, we are so happy to have this Williamsburg coffee outpost that makes us feel like Alice in Wonderland.

26. Eastern District
Fancy beer, fancy cheese, fancy meat — so good. Pick up a growler on the way to your next rooftop party!

27. Milk and Roses 
Owned by the nicest Italian man. Sometimes, if you are there alone, he will give you free champagne and chocolate cake! The real draw is the gorgeous rose garden in the back.

28. Glasserie
Glasserie is probably our favorite restaurant in all of New York. If you have not been, it is seriously worth the trek (for any meal any time of day)! If you are there for brunch, be sure to try the Mezze Plate.