Gettin' Handsy

Brooklyn TexasComment

Whether you’re trying to be friendly or offensive, here’s a handy guide to what means what, where: the hand signals that will help you fully express yourself wherever you are.

1.    Brooklyn: It’s all good
       Texas: Yes, Gotcha, Good Job
Greece: Up yours

2.    Brooklyn: Zero
Texas: Nothing
Italy: You are a crazy person

3.    Brooklyn: OK!
Texas: OK!
Brazil: Asshole.

4.    Brooklyn: I’m a tourist (most likely on a bridge with a selfie stick)
 Texas: Peace
UK: Fuck you.  

5.    Brooklyn: "It ain't rocket science" - Big Boo, Orange is the New Black
        Texas: Shocker...
        World: Shocker.

6.    Brooklyn: The letter “T” in American Sign Language
        Texas: Got your nose!
        Turkey: Not a chance!

7.    Brooklyn: Snake shadow puppet?
       Texas: Just a little bit
       France: Shut up/Ferme-la!

8.    Brooklyn: Rock on
        Texas: Go Longhorns!
        Italy: Your wife is cheating on you