Gettin' sPOOKY

Brooklyn TexasComment

With Halloween right around the corner, we decided to BKTX it up by enticing our Manhattan-based, Dallas-raised friend Meredith all the way to Brooklyn to share some spooky spirit for her favorite holiday. Armed with pumpkin beers and antique cookie cutters, Meredith and Olivia gutted their pumpkins and Emily rolled out the cookie dough while Sarah Jessica Parker cackled in the background. Even though we're all still working on our costumes for Saturday, reminiscing about trick-or-treating and our favorite costumes (Meredith was a witch every single year!) definitely got us feeling ready for Halloween. Thanks Meredith!

We used this recipe. These burn very quickly and easily! As soon as they start to turn the slightest hint of brown around the edges, take them out! They may not look done — but trust us they are.