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Last month, Emily was forced to dispose of her favorite pair of summer sandals: they were completely flat with a t-strap made of solid glitter that she purchased on her last day of a summer internship about 4 years ago. They were the kind of shoes she loved so much that she might never have let them go, no matter how frayed and cracked they got, if not for one of the perils of living in Brooklyn: during a sunset walk through DUMBO, she stepped on a dead mouse. Yes, she almost barfed upon realizing what the crunch was under her barely covered foot. Yes, she momentarily thought her shoes could be resuscitated, but no. Their time had come. She spent weeks daydreaming about the perfect replacement sandal -- could another shoe possibly exist that had such satisfying glitz? Then, on a recent, 24 hour stop in LA, she found them: JELLIES! Her amazing cousin was wearing the most marvelous pair of rainbow (mint green fading to bubblegum pink) jellies and showed her where she could find them in glitter. Perfectly platformed, these throwbacks were the exact update she needed. She'll be in denial about summer ending for the next three months.

Shoes available here!