Fleurs du Ma

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When it comes to flowers, we’re deeply committed to the bodega variety. In fact, last weekend, fueled by pizza and rosé (and maybe also some sangria, gin spiked lemonade, and beer), we were waylaid by a bodega overflowing with tiny yellow roses and big red ranunculus and bought some even though both of us already had overflowing vases at home. That said, sometimes the corner store doesn’t cut it: those roses hardly made it from Chelsea to Brooklyn, and with Mother’s Day coming up we needed to seriously up our floral game. When you (sadly) live1,600 miles away from the best mom in the world, you want to give her the freshest blooms around, not thirsty, fading buds. Mother's Days past, we resorted to blindly calling local florists to see if they'll deliver whatever they had on hand or shamefully asking our dads to pick up our orders. An overwhelming number of online flower delivery services have sprouted up recently to solve the mailing-fresh-flowers problem, so we checked out all the important features: bouquet originality, price, variety of flowers available, and where they deliver. Whether you’re a slacker and still need to send your mom a gift (DO IT NOW) or you just want an extra punch of freshness delivered to your door, here’s how to choose the right digital florist. 

Farmgirl Flowers

We love Farmgirl! These bouquets are a wild mix of whatever is fresh that day and are very nicely designed. You can get them wrapped in burlap or in a vase. Options are limited to “small,” “medium,” “large,” or “fancy pants” (plus an option for a bouquet of peonies). They don’t tell you exactly what will be included because the arrangement changes each day, but you can rest assured that the flowers will be fresh, Pinterest-ready, and exploding with the best seasonal stems out there. Emily has sent bouquets that included peonies and even tiny cabbages! Farmgirl is definitely a favorite.

The Bouqs

Flat rate, free delivery: the Bouqs makes buying flowers super simple. You pick the kind of flower you want or the bouquet that you like, they tell you the estimated delivery time, and your blooms show up! Waiving the delivery charge makes the Bouqs one of the most reasonable players in the game. They also have cool options where you can customize the size of the bouquet you want, giving you more control over what you end up sending.


Same idea as Farmgirl: with BloomThat, there are about 3 bouquets available each day, as well as a few potted succulents, varying by location. They show you great photos of what the bouquet design will be: tasteful, but no surprises here. These blooms are a bit more traditional, and if you don't like the bouquets available then you're out of luck.

Urban Stems

The most conservative of the bunch, Urban Stems bouquets are tastefully designed but you won’t find any stems you’ve never seen before here. Bouquets are tailored for personalities, with each one specified as “for the bookworm,” or “for the brave one," though it's not really clear why.

Petal by Pedal

Points for a great name! Petal by Pedal offers bicycle delivery flowers in NYC. They pick the flower arrangement for you, and don’t give you a lot of images on their website to see what they normally look like. If you're flexible and prioritize personal delivery, this service is for you!

The Sill

Ecommerce for potted plants! About $40 will get you a tiny indoor plant in a very sweet pastel pot from The Sill. Great for mixing it up if you’re over the whole petal thing. You can also just buy the ceramics, which are very cool.